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Fishing in Saint Brevin les Pins

Fishing in Saint Brevin les Pins

The beaches of the Loire Atlantique, on the Estuary side or further south from Saint Michel Chef Chef to La Bernerie near Pornic, are the ideal place for fishing on foot where clams, periwinkles, razor clams, shrimps, oysters, crabs, curlers, limpets, etc. await you. An essential family activity when you spend your holidays at the campsite in Saint-Brevin, fishing on foot is always a delight for young and old. It's low tide, everyone on the beach with their adapted and legal equipment! Be careful with the size of the clams, oysters and other shellfish as well as the quantity fished... Being reasonable and respectful of the rules of fishing on foot also preserves the resources and biodiversity.

Recommended equipment for fishing on foot

Fishing on foot is a leisure activity where respecting the rules is essential to preserve the environment. Do not hesitate to ask us before you leave the campsite for one of the fishing spots presented below, as you will need good approved equipment

  • Knife: A knife with a long and strong blade is perfect.
  • A shell dredge for cockles
  • An approved fishing claw with several teeth for clams
  • A fishing net for shrimp fishing on the rocks at low tide
  • A havenet to push on the sand at high tide to fish for prawns or shrimps
  • A foreshore hook to take out crabs or crabs hidden in their rocky hole
  • A basket for your fishing or gorboille

Where can you find shellfish in St-Brevin and the surrounding area?

In the north, mussels, oysters and clams but also grey shrimps are the delight of the fishermen on foot. As for periwinkles, shellfish, crabs, edible crab and spiders, they can be found to the south of the Saint Brevin coastline, along the wild coast of Péfailles and Saint-Marie-sur-Mer.
The beach of La Roussellerie near Saint Brevin

Located in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef on the southern part of the Grande plage de St Brévin les Pins, the Roussellerie beach offers you between sandy beach and dune, a huge rocky point which shelters numerous shellfish: periwinkles (or black-shelled marine molluscs), oysters (or bivalve marine molluscs) and mussels (or mytilida).
This family beach is equipped with a playground for children. You can practice kitesurfing here. It is also a training ground for race horses. Don't forget your picnic as there are tables available for you to enjoy after your fishing trip.

Camping à Saint-Brévin-Les-Pins en Loire-Atlantique

Gohaud Beach near Saint Brevin les Pins

North of St-Michel-Chef-Chef discover the beach of Gohaud. This rocky area is the most pleasant for fishing on foot. You will find shrimps to catch with a small net as well as mussels for your meals at the campsite in St Brevin les Pins.

The Chatelet beach near St Brevin in St Michel Chef

The Chatelet beach in St-Michel-Chef-Chef de Tardinghen offers one of the most beautiful views of the Caps Blanc and Gris of the Opal Coast. This beach is a favourite with fishing enthusiasts because of its diversity of shellfish:

  • Grey shrimps
  • Winkles
  • Mussels
  • Oysters
  • Cockles
  • Clams

As you can see, Saint Brévin and its region is a paradise for shellfish lovers due to the number of fishing spots. The location of our campsite makes it a privileged place for a successful family holiday.